How This Supplement Brand Is Getting Repeat Customers On Autopilot


Sports & Health Supplements


Increase In Average Order Value



  • Increasing AOV to combat the rising costs of advertising
  • Educating their current customers about other products in their line
  • Getting repeat purchases and getting buyers to place a 2nd order


  • A new replenishment flow that strategically upsells and cross-sells customers
  • Emails that get customers to take an action because of their simplicity
  • A better customer journey with automated order reminders


  • A 13% boost in AOV from buyers entering the new sequences
  • Customers who understand the true value of their products
  • Customers who are more likely to consume their products

The Mission

Our client had built a successful supplement business on top of his personal brand. And like most of them he relies on his audience to keep the business growing.

Like most supplement brands, he wanted to increase his AOV to increase revenue and expand the business and the team, letting him take the brand to the next level.

But his time was scarce. He spent most of it running day-to-day operations and focusing on content and ways to continue acquiring new customers.

He had absolutely zero time to dedicate to managing email marketing.

But he knew it was a low-hanging fruit opportunity.

That’s where we came into play.

Designing A Solution

There are multiple ways to increase revenue for a supplement brand with email marketing, but they fall under two simple pillars.

Either you can optimize the pre-purchase journey to maximize the number of visitors turning into new customers, or you can optimize the post-purchase journey to focus on the consumption of the products, and the up-selling and cross-selling of other product lines – or both.

This case study will focus only on one of the post-purchase projects we did for them.

After our initial audit, to improve their AOV we created a new automated replenishment flow that gave customers timely order reminders and introduced them to new product lines.

We also created new bundles and gave subscribers to purchase them with a single click, reducing the friction in the buying process and improving conversion rates.

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After this flow buildout we saw a 13% boost in AOV for customers going through this sequence.

It might seem low but this number will get compounded with the increased number of people entering the funnel and the increase in repurchase rate because of this flow – according to the Revenue Growth Formula.

Although having all your emails automated sounds sexy, the reality is that campaigns are still a crucial part of every consumable-product brand we’ve worked with. But he more automated emails the less campaigns needed.

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