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With Unique (And Sometimes Outright Crazy) Automations & Campaigns Tailored To Your Line Of Products, Market and Customer Lifecycle

Improve customer loyalty and make the most of those buyers you’re expensively paying to acquire – so that you have more cash available to reinvest back into inventory, advertising and can crush your competition

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High ROI

By default email is a high ROI channel. We take it to the next level.

Leave It To Us

Leave the beautiful emails, the management and the optimization to us, so you can focus on what you do best.

“From the beginning, they obtained a clear picture of my company’s need and expectations. There was no need to micro-manage them. They knew exactly what to do. They were also very candid and honest with their opinions which I appreciated a lot. I could go on and on about how wonderful my experience was with them. “

Tamara Simpson


Why Should I Send Emails? Aren’t We In 2022 Already?

So why is your competition partying like it’s 1999 and profiting from email marketing?

It might be one of the reasons they have more cash to invest back into the business and fuel their growth.

Even in 2022 email is still king and going nowhere. Great brands make 30-50% of their revenue through email, and so can you.

Want to start partying like it’s 1999?

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Avoid The Most Dangerous Number In Business

The legendary marketer and direct response writer Dan Kennedy used to say that the most dangerous number in business is 1.

That means relying on a single marketing channel to attract and retain customers.

And it gets more evident by the year. Advertising costs continue rising with no signs of stopping. What can you do about this? Market to a channel you own: your email list.

Email lets you reach your customers on a consistent way. You can control your messaging. And email prices don’t raise the same way advertising does. It has stayed as one of the most cost-efficient marketing channels for years.

And it’s the safest way to go from “1” to “2” and escape the most dangerous number in business.

Sounds Good, But How Do We Do It?

Engineered Email Strategy

We’ll develop a strategy to start getting you results as soon as possible. Then we’ll optimize your entire backend for sales while keeping your customers engaged.

Constant Optimization

A concept rooted deep into our engineering philosophy that translates into more revenue for you, month after month.

Precise Segmentation

We don’t annoy your buyers and subscribers with irrelevant emails. This allows us to keep unsubscribes lows and your list happy.

Advanced Automation

Relevant emails are the key to success. We make the most out of the tools we use to send targeted emails to the right person at the right time.

Relevant Campaigns

You have a great brand. Your customers want to hear from you! We’ll send relevant campaigns and newsletter which will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Retention And Loyalty

We’ll boost your Customers Lifetime Value to make every buyer be worth more to you and lift the return of each dollar you spend on advertising.

Want to 10x your business?

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Unsure About The Power Of Email?

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Selling Replenishable Products (Supplements, Food, Drinks, Cosmetics, Etc)?

This one’s for you:

Need To Boost Reviews & Conversions?

(who doesn’t?) You’ll like this one:

So What Do Our Emails Look Like?

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More Clients Results

Case study

Fashion Brand

Retention & Top-of-Funnel Strategy

  • New Email Designs
  • Weekly Campaigns
  • Automation Optimization
$ 0

Monthly Klaviyo Revenue

0 %

Monthly Revenue From Klaviyo

0 %

Boost In Direct TOF Revenue

Case study

Healthy CPG Brand

Retention Strategy

  • Improving Replenishment Rate & Revenue
0 %

Boost In Replenishment Revenue

Case study

Health Supplements Brand

Education & Retention Strategy

  • Educating Customers Before and After Purchasing
  • Improving Replenishment Rate & Revenue
0 %

New Replenishment Flow Contribution To Total Automation Revenue

Case study

Hobby Products Brand

Full Email Funnel Strategy

  • Introducing Subscribers To The Brand & Products
  • Educating Before and After Purchasing
  • Improving Returning Rate & Revenue
$ 0

Monthly Klaviyo Revenue

0 %

Boost In Automations Revenue

Upcoming Case Studies:

Case study

  • A Canadian brick & mortar store that went online during the pandemic and ended up having to expand to a new location due to their growth
  • “Breaking the 4-minute mile” for an Australian luxury clothing brand that achieved over 70% of their sales through emails (7-figure brand)
  • An American CPG brand that had a mess in their customer journey messaging from a previous agency (and they didn’t notice it for months)
  • And more…

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