How Some A/B Tests Lead To A 63% Increase In Email Conversion Rates




Increase In CR Vs. Previous Email Sequence



  • Unoptimized email funnel for an offer spending over $1k per day in ads
  • Writing emails that will convert without being “too salesy”
  • Finding opportunities to unlock hidden email revenue. “We don’t know what we don’t know”


  • A new way to communicate their current offer without changing anything else
  • Plain-text emails that feel more personal & convert better
  • A/B testing their current emails vs. our new emails and email structures


  • A 63% increase in conversion rate vs. the previous email flow

The Mission

This apparel brand took the world by storm when it launched back in November 2020, reaching the $1M mark in less than a year.

The winning formula?

Appealing to an underserved segment with incredible designs and a mission-first approach.

But with quick growth comes big leaks.

When they reached us they were spending thousands of dollars each day on Facebook and Instagram ads to drive people to a bare-bones email funnel offer.

The funnel was working.

The ROAS was there.

But this email sequence had only 3 emails in it.

Yes, three.

Driving thousands of dollars in advertising to a 3-part email sequence is like being given the juiciest “opportunity lemon” and having it squeezed by a baby.

They were leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not optimizing this flow.

That’s where we came in.

Designing A Solution

Our solution had three parts.

After our initial audit, we first saw that there was a way to communicate their current offer in a different way – and we theorized that it would convert better.

We A/B tested this new approach and saw an immediate 15% boost in conversion rate. First win.

Again, we just changed the framing of the offer. I.e. the way we communicate what we want our audience to do or buy.

After that, we saw the opportunity to replace some of their current emails with new plain-text emails.

Because of the nature of the brand and its mission these emails would feel more personal and create a tighter relationship with the founder and the brand. It would help increase the KLT factor (know, like & trust).

Finally, with a solid email structure foundation we added more emails to the sequence to reduce the number of lost leads.

You can see a version of the flow – blurred for privacy.

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After all our changes we saw a 63% boost in conversion rates.

As long as we continue seeing positive open rates, click rates and sales in the emails we will continue adding new emails.

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