How This Brand Increased Automation Revenue By 39% By Leveraging Klaviyo’s Power


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Increase In Automation Revenue



  • Getting repeat purchases and getting buyers to place a 2nd order
  • Making the most out of every single email subscriber inside Klaviyo
  • Keeping customers engaged throughout their buying cycle


  • Five flows that sell, upsell and cross-sell customers
  • Automated customer journey emails
  • Automated repurchase reminders


  • A 39% increase in the revenue generated by automations

The Mission

This brand had built a successful business and community by appealing to an elderly demographic with a manual-craft product they loved.

Their goal was to increase the revenue coming from Klaviyo, particularly the one coming from automations.

They had recognized that their campaign-only approach was leaving money on the table.

When they reached us they had only two email flows set up. But since some copycats started appearing on the market, they wanted to make sure that they were maximizing the value of every visitor, subscriber and customer joining their brand.

That’s where we came into play.

Designing A Solution

After our initial audit, we decided to create 5 flows that would lead to the most revenue in the shortest amount of time.

Some of them included abandonment or “retargeting” flows. They had a welcome sequence that was working, so even though it wasn’t optimized we gave it last priority since it was still generating results.

Because their products lend themselves perfectly to be repurchased over again, we built post-purchase flows to remind, upsell and cross-sell their customers to continue buying from them.

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After implementing these flows we saw a 39% boost in revenue coming from email automations.

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